Terms & Conditions

Here at Happy Hounds we want your furry friends to stay safe and happy so

All pets/ animals under the care and supervision of Happy Hounds & Cats are required to be in good general health. All animals must be free from fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and parasites.


As the pet owner, you must disclose (during the initial meet & greet) any behaviour or health problems which may make the dog unsuitable for walking, including antisocial behaviour or aggression.


In the case of an emergency, Happy Hounds & Cats will contact you at the emergency number given as soon as possible to discuss the situation. If you are un-reachable and veterinary attention is required, Happy Hounds & Cats reserve the right to prioritise the need of your pet(s) and will take them to the vets practice designated in the client details form. In the event of a life threatening situation, your pet will be taken to the closest vets practice to their location. Owners are responsible for the payment of any vets fees incurred.

A suitable lead/collar/harness must be provided.

A minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations on appointments are needed or the full amount will be collected.


No client or animal information will be released to anyone, Happy Hounds & Cats respects the privacy and safety of all of its clients and their pets. All keys and personal information on the owners and pets will be kept in a secure place.

Walks will last for the stated time although Happy Hounds reserve the right to alter the time should it be deemed necessary and in the best interest of the dog eg injury, weather conditions etc.

Before any service starts an initial meet & greet will commence, where a client personal form for you and your pet will be created and kept at Happy Hounds & Happy Cats. A disclaimer signature will be required from all clients before any service starts.

Payments for services are to be made in advance by arrangement either by cash or bank transfer. 

Happy Hounds & Cats agree to love and care for your pet whilst you are absent.

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